This is Where We Live

I forget where the inspiration first came from or how I stumbled across, but for the past couple months, I’ve been thinking about building my own underground house. Picture a New England farmhouse meets Bag End.

This morning, I woke up with a realization of how I could build a house slowly, at my own pace. The first summer, all I need is a single room, big enough for sleeping, living and food preparation. That’s how I live now, practically. Once that room is excavated, constructed and winterized, anything else I accomplish that summer will be gravy. After finishing that studio space and getting it plumbed and electrified, I can live right there and expand my house at my leisure.

Summer months will go to excavating earth and construction of additional rooms. The winter will be for finishing the interiors and making them part of my home.

This evening, I ran across these pictures of an underground home in Vermont. I’ve heard there’s another such home in Charlotte, as well, but I haven’t found details enough to track down the owner. My mother thinks I could probably find out just visiting the town clerk’s office. She’s probably right.


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In the wilds of Vermont.
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