Family Memories

I heard some good stories last week, as my mom and my aunt reminisced about their childhood.

  • Mom almost braining a neighborhood boy with a croquet mallet because he kept trying to kiss her.
  • How many people packed into some of the homes in which relatives lived.
  • The drunken exploits of older family members, such as:
    • The inability of certain family members to drive the over-sized land boats of the 50s and 60s.
    • Uncles riding in the back of a work van with a keg, drinking and waving to them.
    • Driving the Toyota wagon up to the camp in Roxbury with Aunt Betty holding me in the back seat, swaying back and forth with the ride.
  • Revisiting the now-legendary privations Uncle Bryan suffered at Camp Holy Cross.

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In the wilds of Vermont.
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