Doctor Who and the Gustatory Sensation

The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond

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Neil Gaiman just posted a snippet from his Doctor Who script. It didn’t make it to the camera script, hence it won’t even be filmed, without context and contains no spoilers, so I feel safe in reading and sharing it indiscriminately.

It tags a scene at the beginning of The Eleventh Hour, when the Doctor explores his new taste buds. It’s cute, but also reminds us how alien the Doctor’s perceptions of the world can be to humans, like at the end of Flesh and Stone, when he’s just not getting the sexual semaphore flags Amy waves in front of his nose.


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2 Responses to Doctor Who and the Gustatory Sensation

  1. The joining of Gaimen and Who made my year when I first heard about it and I am still hunting down the bits that got cut. Such a brilliant joining of minds that led to some awesome television.

    • Tyler says:

      In a way, the episode’s delay to the sixth season was a boon, as it gave extra time to polish and edit that a television episode doesn’t normally enjoy.

      Although it does make me wonder what the Doctor was eating. Some of House’s “food”?

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