Vermont Lake Monsters v. Brooklyn Cyclones


Image by pdbreen via Flickr

This evening, I got hit by a foul ground ball at the Vermont Lake Monsters game against the Brooklyn Cyclones at Centennial Field. I twisted away, like a proper coward, and let it hit somewhere in the vicinity of my left kidney.

It wasn’t a terribly stimulating game, in all honesty, but it was more about hanging out with the Carnage guys in the picnic area out by left field. The game went into rain delay mode at the bottom of the twelfth inning, then they kicked off the end-of-game fireworks show to entertain people. That lasted until 10:30, the rain kept pouring, so the park began to empty out.

The extra innings were the most interesting part of the game. Since the score remained tied until the Cyclones went to bat in the twelfth, there was actual tension in the air over whether the Lake Monsters would get a run and win. It didn’t get me to stay to the end, though. For me, going to baseball games has never been about who’s playing. It’s usually because someone invited me to go, so I do.

Sunday, 8/22/10: Turns out the game was suspended last night, and is set to resume play at 1:00 PM this afternoon. I’ve got other stuff going on, or I’d seriously think about dropping by.


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