End of the Long Trail

Yesterday we went up north to meet our Long Trail hiking friends at the head of Journey’s End, the final segment of their northbound odyssey along the length of Vermont.

The pickup point was actually at the end of a trail a mile and a half from the Canadian border, where the Long Trail officially ends. Between the heat and the bugs — neither Sarah nor I brought any repellent, as we thought it was too late in the season, but I can assure you the flies were out in force in the north; it was so bad we went back into town to find some repellent.

While in town, I saw a sign in the window of North Troy’s Main Street Grocery advertising a stand-up comedy show with the tagline “You know him as the one-armed Border Guard, now come see him as a ‘Comedian’!” — quotation marks theirs.

The roving ramblers showed up around 3:45 and we hung around in the parking lot for a bit, snacking and kibbutzing. Sarah brought Long Trail Ale bombers for Alex and Houser, which, given they’d spent three weeks burning calories and eating minimal meals, mostly went to their heads. So the ride home was certainly light and chipper.

We went up past Jay Peak and down through towns I’ve only heard of before: Montgomery Center, Belvidere and Waterville to name a few. It was a much nicer ride than zooming off to St. Albans and then down the interstate.

After dropping off the hikers to scrub up a bit, Sarah, Alex and I met up at the Vermont Pub & Brewery to watch him eat his first burger in three plus weeks. It went rather well. Ethan Alien’s off the beer list, though, which disappointed me.


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In the wilds of Vermont.
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