Went snowshoeing for the second time this year tonight, down to the intervale. I started out on on the Rena Calkins trail, but quickly side-tracked, following people who’d gone before off down along the river bank in the downstream direction.

It was pitch dark, being after 6:00pm. Thanks to the cloud cover, though, enough light bounced back down onto the snow to obviate the need for a headlamp, which was handy because my batteries apparently had no life left.

Walking in the dark along the river was spooky. The only things you hear are the woosh of cars way off in the distance, occasionally the river and idle branches in the wind and, of course, the racket you’re making with your jacket and snowshoes. And they are noisy, with all sorts of clicks and clacks as you tromp along.

The snowfall was only a day old, but already well-trodden. At some points along the path, I had difficulty finding snow to walk in that hadn’t been run into ruts by cross-country skiers.

Only went for an hour this time, out and back. There were several other spurs to explore. There’s also a park way out there, McKenzie Park. Maybe I’ll find a foot route there before winter’s over.

Finally knowing of some trails in Burlington is way more convenient than having to schlep out to Bristol or Hinesburg all the time.

Next week, there’s a moonlight snowshoe walk out in Colchester. Hopefully it’s clear.


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In the wilds of Vermont.
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