I have a bad habit of doing my housekeeping in frenetic bursts after extended periods of inactivity. “Punctuated equilibrium,” as the scientists call it. Tonight, I took out the recycling, resupplied groceries — planning for next week’s slow cooking experiment in the meantime — and did laundry.

It’s my practice to beat my laziness by making these things weekly rituals. Laundry is done on Saturday morning. Groceries are bought Sunday morning. Slow cooker meals happen on Mondays, allowing prep on Sunday nights and half the batch to feed me for the coming week. This doesn’t always work out, usually because I find something more fun to do on the weekend or just can’t stomach the idea of the grocery store on Sunday morning and rationalize to myself that I have enough in the cupboards and can pick up the few things I need at City Market.

Next week, I’m looking forward to making chicken and corn hash, an interesting dish that involves white wine, which seems very classy for a crockpot concoction.


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In the wilds of Vermont.
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