Sunday Perambulations

Sunday afternoon, my vehicular perambulations took me from Hartland to Burlington via Route 12 to Woodstock — with a detour to explore a covered bridge in Taftsville that doubled back through an enormous country club in Quechee — and on to Bethel, then over to Route 100. So far, it was a mostly familiar route, barring the diversion around the Quechee Lakes grounds.

The change came when I took the road over Lincoln Gap in Warren, accidentally rediscovering a site long remembered from childhood, then retracing a trip from picking up friends section-hiking the Long Trail. After descending the other side, I briefly visited a nice-looking swimming spot on the New Haven River above Bartlett Falls and then headed on to Burlington, meaning well but detouring again through wilder Hinesburg on an impulse, passing Lincoln Hill, noted by a historical marker as the land of early African-American settlers in the 18th century. Eventually, I found myself in Richmond and made for the interstate for the short road home.

One familiar landmark in particular stood out. I noticed the motorcycle on the boulder along Route 100 — somewhere between Rochester and Stockbridge, I guess — festooned with flowers. I really ought to have snapped a picture of that one, but there’s some about 100 that makes me want to hurry along. Possibly because that’s all I ever did when driving it for work.


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In the wilds of Vermont.
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