Texas Falls in Hancock, Vermont

Sunday I visited Texas Falls in Hancock, deep within the Green Mountain National Forest. They’re relatively small as water falls go, I suppose, but beautiful, with plenty of spots to lean over and peer down or up at them. There are a series of pools, one of which has a circular motion to it that has carved an impressive lopsided hemisphere from a boulder bounding the pool.

What interested me almost more than the falls themselves was the elements of the park around the falls. The lookout spots had two distinct styles: an older arrangement of wooden post railings set in stone pillars, plus stairs built in what I think of Civilian Conservation Corps style with broad, flat stones, and a modern bridge spanning the falls made of metal and concrete.[1] Right below the modern bridge you can make out the remains of the original bridge, which matches the older railings and posts. The older bridge had the benefit of a more intimate view of the rushing water and falls, but the new installation is more easily accessible to all visitors and, one hopes, more resistant against erosion.

Happily, there’s a lower viewing area that keeps the feel of the original park elements: stone staircase, brown-painted square post railings and a more “natural” unkempt feel.

Places like this make me want to put them in a movie.

[1] According to the site linked above, the old bridge was swept away in a flood of 2008. I wish I had seen the falls during this year’s flooding, which was easily some of the worst in many years.


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