My Ideal New England Cape

Connor Homes' Hannah Grady House.

Connor Homes is a house-building operation in Middlebury, Vermont. I think they manufacture the pieces, then ship them out as a kit for a local contractor to assemble.

Anyway, they specialize in recreating early American designs. And I love this Hannah Grady style. This is the kind of house I’ve been trying to envision and looking for in the houses I see around Vermont.

So to find it typified so succinctly on a company’s website as a kit is both validating and . . . not reductive, but final? Like, how could I hope to think of something better than that — or achieve that level of detail and correct proportions, short of buying the kit?


About Tyler

In the wilds of Vermont.
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2 Responses to My Ideal New England Cape

  1. ZOMG I’d love to see more interior photos……………

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