The Treasure of Alpheus T. Winterborn

John Bellairs wrote young adult occult horror fiction way back before it was cool. Somehow, though, little of his material has made the leap to other media, despite the very adaptation-friendly model of "young protagonist and social peers, plus an elderly advisor or two combat local supernatural menaces."

One of the few — possibly at most two — instances is how The Treasure of Alpheus T. Winterborn, a nifty little little treasure mystery that kicked off the Anthony Monday storyline, became The Clue According to Sherlock Holmes, because it totally needed Sherlock Holmes reading the story as a newspaper article to Watson as a framing device — and how about Holmes and Watson in their typical Victorian get-ups reading about a story that doesn’t seem to be set any earlier than the 1950s?

The whole piece is available below for your viewing pleasure:


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