Tropical Storm Irene

The rain came early on Sunday morning. I first noticed it just before 6:00 AM. It didn’t stop raining until almost 9:00 PM. The intensity grew and lessened over that time span, but it didn’t really stop. The whole time the sky was overcast.

The worst of the storm I experienced was a short half-hour power outage in the early evening. It was still light enough that I could carry on reading, as I’d been doing all day. The prospect of potentially losing power spurred me to do lots of laundry while the doing was good, so I had the rest of the day to invest in A Dance with Dragons.

Much of Vermont got hit hard. Flooding down south drove people from their homes. Stretches of major roads are out: Interstate 89, Routes 7 and 4. I feel lucky not only to live in an area that generally escapes the effects of flooding, but that I don’t have to travel anywhere in the next week or two if I don’t want to. It seems a good time to hole up and stay local.


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In the wilds of Vermont.
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