Ever in pursuit of becoming a stultifying adult, I started messing with money-tracking software yesterday. It started with a program HomeBank, but I decided pretty quickly it wasn’t granular enough for me. After that, the second best rating in Ubuntu’s software store went to GnuCash, which is apparently quite a venerable program. It also has a reputation of being more for business accounting — at least, Get Rich Slowly awarded it merely an honorable mention to a list of personal finance software options for that reason.

At any rate, having played with it for a day, it is indeed somewhat more in-depth than my initial foray with HomeBank. For one, it’s been a crash course in double entry bookkeeping. I get the basic concept, but understanding it intuitively — like knowing where to start in noting a transaction of buying groceries without thinking about it — is going to take some practice.

Some things I don’t get at all just yet. If I have a retirement plan to which I and my employer both contribute, from where does their contribution come in the world of double entries?

Yes, Virginia, these are the 30s. Fun times.


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