Jurassic Park

Speaking of movies, I went to an entirely unexpected screening of Jurassic Park at the Essex movie theater this Thursday. Off the success of the Ghostbusters screenings in October, the theater is exploring a monthly Throwback Thursday showing. That’s pretty cool.

I saw Jurassic Park way back when it was first in theaters. I liked it, but I think a lot of the majesty and grandeur of the vistas, music and special effects were lost on my twelve year old brain. At least, I didn’t form terribly strong memories. And since then, I only ever caught glimpses of the movie on television and VHS over the ensuing years.

In short, it was glorious. Phenomenal visuals of the dinosaurs that I almost never caught myself dismissing as fake. The music and sound effects rumbled through the theater and through the viewers.

After twenty years of brief snatches of Jurassic Park on tiny screens with minimal sound systems, seeing it in all its glory in a high end theater was astounding. And it’s a decent adventure story, too.

Props to my friend Sarah for finding out and asking me along.


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One Response to Jurassic Park

  1. ianthecool says:

    That’s funny, I saw it when I was twelve and all those things made a massive impression on me and have formed very strong memories. I remember being freaked out during the kitchen scene and absolutely awed when the T-Rex showed up for the first time.

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