Little River History Hike

It surprised me how comfortably the winter boots fit after spending eight months in the linen closet. Usually there’s a readjustment period when switching to boots after sneakers and sandals, but not this time.

Ever since the Vermont State Parks blog published a post about paranormal activity at parks in the state, I wanted to visit Little River again to see the remains of the farms and homes from before the reservoir was created. There’s a whole “history hike” PDF detailing what is where in terms of stone walls, foundations and cemeteries.

Maybe hunting season wasn’t the best time to be out in the woods. We’ll go back with snowshoes once deer season ends. Not sure how much we’ll see in the snow, to be honest, but I’m hoping there are some structural remains out there, like this hearth we found on the way back to the main road.


About Tyler

In the wilds of Vermont.
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