Abulafia Meets the Sound Blaster

This is rapidly turning into a computers and Ubuntu blog, but that’s fine.

Monday evening, I toasted Abulafia’s onboard sound card, the one built into the motherboard. I think it was due to plugging into a recorder to the output that sent phantom power back. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

I browsed online retailers a bit, looking at replacements. But before I bit that bullet — and I got very close on a couple occasions — I resolved to make a quick visit to ReSource, formerly Recycle North, which is a local thrift / recycled goods store. It took me two passes around the cases of computer parts before I found the sole sound card, a Sound Blaster Audigy something-something, tucked in with wireless adapters.

For $7, I snapped it up. Snapped it up too quickly, as I forgot to check whether it was a PCI card. Fortunately, it turned out it was.

I’d tried installing a borrowed sound card earlier in the week, just to be sure that would solve the problem, but either it was too old, something was wrong with it or it’s really important to disable the onboard card in the BIOS when installing a replacement. This time around, I disabled the onboard card right off the bat, so it was practically a plug and play installation, barring the two reboots: one to alter the BIOS settings, the next after installing the new card.

And it worked right off the bat! Love it. I’m glad I made the time to swing by ReSource and was lucky enough to find a sound card.


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