The Reading Pile, February 2012 Edition

After steadily whittling away at a stack of books acquired from, there was a brief period I was living book to book, unsure of what I would read next. That’s all over now. In order of acquisition, I now have to read:

  1. The Underground House Book
  2. Blindsight
  3. The Golden Torc
  4. Bloody Hell in America
  5. Kissing Mister Quimper
  6. Counting to None
  7. The Invisible Kingdom
  8. The Mirage

Numbers 2, 3 and 8 are all library books, so they’ll have to be taken care of first. 3 is an inter-library loan, so that’s to be read toute suite. It’s currently in progress, as is 2.

4 through 7 are volumes ofThe Invisibles comic series by Grant Morrison et al. It’s been a while since I left off with that series, but I think I can pick up the threads again with sufficient ease. If not, there’s Wikipedia.

8 was a complete surprise. I don’t remember requesting it, but The Mirage was waiting for me at the Fletcher Free when I picked up The Golden Torc. A delightful surprise, as I placed it on my vague intentions list, as I do all of Matt Ruff’s books, but a surprise nonetheless.


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2 Responses to The Reading Pile, February 2012 Edition

  1. Interesting titles though I’ve not ready any of them. Happy reading!

  2. read* (excuse my typing ineptitude)

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