Vermont International Film Festival 2012, Day Two

Sunday, we screened three films at the North End Studio, plus a short.

Cravings is an animated short of a young girl’s efforts to satisfy a particular craving at a table teeming with temptation.

Iranian Cookbook is a male filmmaker’s exploration of a primarily female space in Iran: the kitchen. He locks down the camera to capture the whole picture of the various women in his life — wife, sister, mother, mother-in-law, aunts — in the space in which they’ve spent so many years.

Cooking History uses the recollections of army cooks to give insight into the wars they fought and soldiers with whom they served. The filmmaker uses a number of surreal or absurdist images and scenarios to countpoint the cooks’ tales.

Pink Ribbons peels back the sentimentality of the corporatization of causes like curing breast cancer as activists and social critics outline the illusion of charity through consumer purchasing and lack of useful research into exploring causes and prevention.


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In the wilds of Vermont.
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