Quinoa Stew

Well, goodnight. I’m gonna go make my dinners for the next month and freeze them.

Leela, Futurama, S03E01 “The Honking”

Leela might not be the best dietary role model, but in the last few years I’ve found myself taking a similar tactic: make a pot of something big, then stash most of it in the freezer to make dinnertime less time-consuming.

The up-shot is between freezing stuff and liberal use of a slow cooker, I don’t feel like I very much fresh cooking. So last night I broke the trend with something new: a quinoa stew.[1] Instead of a Friday night splurge on a pizza or other take-out, I rounded up ingredients for the stew.

It was practically as easy as throwing it all in the slow-cooker, with a significantly shorter cook time. And since I went for the recommended variety of potatoes, it was a very amusing rainbow-colored concoction: purple potatoes, orange sweet potato, yellow corn and green beans.

With some pesto on top, it was damn tasty, too. I forewent the suggested grated cheddar, but am very glad I went for the pesto. It really made the dish for me.

That recipe also made a ridiculous amount. After skimming off several helpings for days to come, there was much left that it had to go in the freezer. I have no idea how well cooked quinoa freezes, so we’ll find out about that in a couple weeks.

[1] Setting aside for a moment concerns about the effects of quinoa’s rising popularity.


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2 Responses to Quinoa Stew

  1. Great link about quinoa’s popularity. My son has been a big fan for a long time. I just recently bought quinoa flour and barely know what to do with it. I included it in some carrot/walnut/raisin muffins. If I knew people at the poverty level were going to go without, I wouldn’t have bought it and would have tried something else.

    • Tyler says:

      I think it underlines the need for fair trade practices. The demand for quinoa crashing could be as damaging as it being priced out of the reach of people who depend upon it as a staple.

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