Snuff cover art.There were times reading Snuff when I wondered if this was a snapshot of how Terry Pratchett’s brain is changing as his disease progresses. It didn’t have the same tone as previous Discworld novels. That might be because it’s been a while since I was fully immersed in that tone and sensibility, or it might have been a deliberate choice on Pratchett’s part to emulate some trope or genre — the young daughter who goes on to be the Disc’s first crime novelist certainly points to one particular literary set that I have no familiarity with, beyond the names.

I liked the read, overall, even if it is different. Different is fine. At times, I thought Vimes, who defines himself in terms of being a copper of Ankh-Morpok, was too confident in the to-him bizarre world of the Shires, but one of the running themes in the Discworld novels is super-competent protagonists, and Vimes has only risen higher and higher in that regard. (And really, winning the adoration of the Shire folk seems almost a step back after becoming the hero of Koom Valley.)

Time to track down Raising Steam and see how that compares. The Moist von Gerunding mini-series is my favorite Disc arc these days.


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