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Little River History Hike

It surprised me how comfortably the winter boots fit after spending eight months in the linen closet. Usually there’s a readjustment period when switching to boots after sneakers and sandals, but not this time. Ever since the Vermont State Parks … Continue reading

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My Ideal New England Cape

Connor Homes is a house-building operation in Middlebury, Vermont. I think they manufacture the pieces, then ship them out as a kit for a local contractor to assemble. Anyway, they specialize in recreating early American designs. And I love this … Continue reading

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“Amidst the Hoary Willows and Tottering Gambrel Roofs”

Thinking about gambrel roofs again. I don’t even like the look all that much; it’s the term itself that’s stuck in my head. Good work, H.P. [0] Post title courtesy The Silver Key.

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This is Where We Live

I forget where the inspiration first came from or how I stumbled across undergroundhousing.com, but for the past couple months, I’ve been thinking about building my own underground house. Picture a New England farmhouse meets Bag End. This morning, I … Continue reading

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